All About Cars, Trucks, and Vehicles

by Paul Layton

It’s time to begin!

We’ve been waiting quite a long time to do this, and the site redesign is only the first step. If you are into cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other type of vehicles… if you like fixing them, repairing them, working on them… if you are into engines, transmissions, high-performance tires, or anything else car or truck related, we want you to check out and enjoy the content we place here.

It might take us a little time to find and share the auto related stuff we know you’ll love, but we think it’s worth the effort, and we hope you will too! The bottom line is that we, too, are car buffs. We like to repair our own cars, adjust the timing, tweak the fuel injection, diagnose the problems, and help each other do it.

Stop back again soon. We think you will like what you find.