Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Battery Indicator LightApparently, there is no feeling like that downcast feeling you get when you put your key into your car ignition, turn it, and nothing happens. You try it again and again before you are hit with the cold realization that your battery is dead. Indeed, it is one of the most awful feelings in the world.

Your vehicle’s battery is like its heart; without that battery, your vehicle would not have the power to start moving. As a result, it is important to equip yourself with relevant information about your vehicle’s battery. This will help you keep your eyes and ears open to the telltale signs that might suggest your battery requires replacement. Some of these signs include:

Slow Engine Crank

One of the key signs that your vehicle’s battery requires replacement is slow engine crank. You will note that when you attempt to start your vehicle, the engine’s crank will often be sluggish and your vehicle will take longer than normal to start. The battery plays a pivotal role in starting your car; hence, when the battery is faulty, your car might fail to start. When you find yourself with a vehicle that won’t start, you can use a jump-starter box or a jumper cables to get your car running before you replace the battery.

Dim Lights or No Lights at All

Apart from powering the engine, the vehicle battery also needs to produce enough juice to run all the various electronic components in your car. When your car’s lights start to dim, this might be a telling sign that your battery is faulty. Even though dimming lights might be an indication that your car battery has not been charged properly, it can also suggest that you need to replace your vehicle battery.

Modern vehicles have many electronic accessories including power seats, windshield wipers, power windows, radio and many more. All this need a good battery in order to functional properly. If any of them start to function unevenly, you will first need to check power loss due to unclean battery terminals. If the terminals are clean, then it might be time for a battery replacement.

Swelling or a Bloating Battery Case

A car battery can be defined as a chemical reaction contained in a box. Due to being exposed to excessive amounts of heat or cold, the sides of the battery can bulge or swell. If you notice you battery looks like something that is about to explode, then it is time for a battery replacement. It is highly recommended that you remove your car’s battery from the car during the winter season if you are not going to be using the car. Freezing and swelling might result in an electrically “dead” battery that will require immediate replacement.

Conclusively, apart from taking note of the above signs, it is important that take good care of your vehicle battery. Make sure that you keep it charged in order to avoid any problems while you are driving your car. A battery that is neglected and poorly charged is bound to become faulty. Old age can also be a sign that your vehicle battery requires replacement. On average a car battery should last about four to five years depending on usage and factors such as exposure to extreme temperatures.

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